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Traveling Cheap and Memories

Have you noticed that when reminiscing with friends about holiday experiences you have had from the past, that the funniest stories and happiest memories often come from those Cheap Holidays you had when money was tight? Talking with friends recently we were laughing about some of the holidays we had shared when money was indeed very tight and the entertainment was having drinks in, playing cards and the sound of our own laughter but the stories live on, maybe a little embellished over time but the warm glow is still there. While it’s great to go to the more luxurious destinations and to treat yourself some of the time it’s also good to remember that when your budget and expectations may be lower, you can get more from the experience and that variety is a key stimulant in the spectrum of travel and holidays.

Take the Costa Vincentina Western Algarve in Portugal as an example. It is little known compared to other parts of the Algarve yet has unspoiled beaches and stretches from the south-westerly tip of Portugal from where Vasco de Gama set sail for Africa, continuing up the coast for some 60 kilometers. The area is great for surfing and its naturalistic coastline is stunning with some beautiful beaches within the Parc Naturel. The Portuguese holiday here and some have second homes here but it tends to be less well known about outside of Portugal. Those who do discover it come back. On our last trip, we met people from Canada who have been coming back for over 10 years and who love it – particularly in February and March when the weather in the western Algarve is usually mild and warm.

With flights to Faro airport available from most local airports in the UK now it’s very easy to get to and there is a good fast road available to get you there in under 2 hours. There is a variety of accommodation to suit your price range, the local wines are very good and reasonably priced and the fish and seafood are great and produce is available from the local markets. It’s good for all age groups, young singles keen on the surf, young families maybe with grandparents in tow and those keen on sport, including golf or fishing. The Portuguese like their music too and later in July there is the Festival Musicas do Mundo with some performances locally. This area is up and coming and well worth a visit that will give you special memories for years to come.

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