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Should You Bring/Buy Coats While Traveling, Souvenirs?

When you are traveling as a minimalist, or if you don't have much room in your luggage it can be hard deciding what to bring on your trip.

Especially with clothes that are bulky or when you are buying souvenirs for people. You have to be mindful of how much you can put in your bag and whether your suitcase will go over the limit of the scale.

Where are you Traveling?

If the country you are traveling to is not that cold don't bring a coat. Maybe you should bring a jacket or sweater, but warmer countries don't necessarily need for you to have a coat, so save the space and use it for something else.

If you are going to a cold country like Mongolia, Russia, Canada or something, then perhaps you should buy a coat that is really good for keeping warmth. Try this shop:

 Should You Bring Souvenirs?

If you have family and friends that are important to you, then maybe you should buy souvenirs for your loved ones. They don't have to be that expensive nor that bulky. It is the thought that counts really.

You have to tailor your gift to the person you are buying it for. Don't buy something that has no meaning, but buy something that reminds you something about the person you are buying the gift for. And when you give it, you can explain to them how that particular souvenir means something to you.

Sometimes you don't even have to buy it, try giving them something that you found during your travels.

When packing your souvenirs, be mindful of how much space it is going to take. If you don't have much room, think of small gifts and not bulky ones.

Buying Clothes / Coats for Family

Some people go traveling just to shop for good clothes that are really well priced. If so, make sure to bring a lot of suitcases and have someone who can carry those suitcases for you. Buying clothes for loved ones are pretty practical and a good gift idea for many people.


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